Spanish Renaissance Literature

Spanish Renaissance literature is the literature written in Spain during the Renaissance.

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Spanish Renaissance Literature - The Renaissance Prose - El Lazarillo De Tormes
... novel and it stands out within the production of the literature of the Golden Century because of its originality, since it represents a literature based on the reality, as ...

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    “If Steam has done nothing else, it has at least added a whole new Species to English Literature ... the booklets—the little thrilling romances, where the Murder comes at page fifteen, and the Wedding at page forty—surely they are due to Steam?”
    “And when we travel by electricity—if I may venture to develop your theory—we shall have leaflets instead of booklets, and the Murder and the Wedding will come on the same page.”
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    They are a curious mixture of Spanish tradition, American imitation, and insular limitation. This explains why they never catch on to themselves.
    Helen Lawrenson (1904–1982)

    People nowadays like to be together not in the old-fashioned way of, say, mingling on the piazza of an Italian Renaissance city, but, instead, huddled together in traffic jams, bus queues, on escalators and so on. It’s a new kind of togetherness which may seem totally alien, but it’s the togetherness of modern technology.
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