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Statute Of Catalonia Of 1919
... Liberals and Conservatives (who were in the Spanish government) went against central party policy, and the Traditionalists remembered his defense of autonomy with weapons ... Largo Caballero, speaking as a Socialist, stated that Spanish workers believed that Catalan Autonomy was the first step in the regeneration of Spain ... This project was sent to the Spanish Government for its approval on 28 January 1919 with several Catalan deputies to defend it, but the Socio-political situation ...
Moscow Gold - Cold War - The Negrín Dossier
... dossier", have allowed researchers to reconstruct the events after the reception of the Spanish gold reserves in Moscow, when the Soviets melted the coins and transformed them ... de las Heras, "to facilitate the exercise of the actions that may correspond to the Spanish State to obtain the devolution of the cited gold to Spain", according to the testimony of the consul at Paris ... The negotiations with the Francoist government had been initiated by the ex-Minister of Justice and friend of Negrín, Mariano Ansó, by request of Negr ...
Military History Of Puerto Rico - Revolt Against Spain - Puerto Rico
... The Spanish government had received many complaints from the nations whose ships were attacked by Puerto Rican pirate Captain Roberto Cofresi ... The Spanish government, which routinely encouraged piracy against other nations, was pressured and felt obliged to pursue and capture the famous pirate ... was captured, along with eleven of his crew members, and turned over to the Spanish Government ...
Lince (tank) - Bidding
... In 1984, the Spanish Ministry of Defense declared its intent to set aside 120 billion pesetas (1.1 billion U.S ... German company Krauss-Maffei and Spanish company Santa Bárbara presented a joint bid in mid-1984 that would produce a tank based on 1970s technology ... The French government proposed to cooperate with Spain in designing a tank complete with new technology—France would later develop this programme on its own as the AMX-Leclerc ...
Leopard 2E - Spanish Armor Programs 1987–93
... By 1987, the Spanish army was equipped with 299 French-designed AMX-30Es, assembled by Santa Bárbara Sistemas, and 552 American M47 and M48 Patton tanks ... to near equivalence with the M60 Patton tank, the Spanish army considered them antiquated ... deciding to replace its Patton tanks, the Spanish government declared its intention to produce a whole new main battle tank locally, since known as the Lince ...

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    I incline to think that the people will not now sustain the policy of upholding a State Government against a rival government, by the use of the forces of the United States. If this leads to the overthrow of the de jure government in a State, the de facto government must be recognized.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    Wheeler: Aren’t you the fellow the Mexicans used to call “Brachine”?
    Dude: That’s nearly right. Only it’s “Borracho.”
    Wheeler: I don’t think I ever seen you like this before.
    Dude: You mean sober. You’re probably right. You know what “Borracho” means?
    Wheeler: My Spanish ain’t too good.
    Dude: It means drunk. No, if the name bothers ya’ they used to call me Dude.
    Jules Furthman (1888–1960)