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About 4,000 years ago, a sentient weapon called the Gizoid was created by an ancient civilization. After being lost for millennia, the Gizoid was unearthed and researched by Prof. Gerald Robotnik. It remained dormant for another half century before being discovered by Gerald's grandson, Dr. Eggman. Frustrated at his inability to get the dormant Gizoid to work properly, Eggman abandoned the Gizoid at Emerald Beach, where it was discovered by Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Gizoid, which Sonic names Emerl, gets wrapped up in the affairs of Sonic's friends, allies and rivals. Through his encounters with Tails, Rouge, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Shadow, Emerl grows and evolves from a soulless robot into a fun-loving mech with lots of personality. But while the gang is having fun raising their new mechanical friend, there are those who recognize Emerl's true power. Now that the Gizoid is working again, Eggman's got his eye on it and has rebuilt E-102 Gamma to track it down, Rouge wants to turn it into a master thief, and Shadow senses that, despite their efforts to humanize him, Emerl is still designed and programmed to be a weapon of mass destruction (and he also believes the same for himself). This is proven in the last fight, where Emerl fights Eggman and reveals his dark side when Eggman overloads him with energy causing him to revert back to his old programming as well as releasing all restraints on his power. He is about to destroy the world when Sonic comes and reluctantly destroys him. Emerl tells everyone that he was thankful for meeting them and that they were good friends. Emerl mechanically combusts, leaving the Shards of all seven Chaos Emeralds behind as his remains. However, Sonic tells everyone that they will see him again someday.

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