Social Practices

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Academic Views On Falun Gong - Beliefs and Practices - Social Practices
... karma, and are therefore viewed as counterproductive to the goals of the practice ... The practice teaches against the consumption of alcohol on the basis that it is a potentially addictive attachment that can interfere with the cultivation of the body and lead to "ir ... doctrine also counsels against participation in political or social issues ...
Structure And Agency - Recent Developments
... The critical realist structure/agency perspective embodied in the Transformational Model of Social Action (TMSA) has been further advocated and applied in other social ... his book Psychotherapy in Everyday Life that we may best conceptualize persons as participants in social practices (that constitute social structures) who can either reproduce or change ... This indicates that neither participants, nor social practices can be understood when looked at in isolation (in fact, this undermines the very idea of trying to do so ...
Matengo People - Social Practices
... Musical changes that have occurred here are a reflection of economic and political changes as well as the gendered decision of the highland dancers ... Matengo people live in one-room jiko (house) tenements which serve as their kitchen, dining room, and favourite place to entertain guests ...

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    To learn a vocation, you also have to learn the frauds it practices and the promises it breaks.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    Let us hope ... that by the best cultivation of the physical world, beneath and around us; and the intellectual and moral world within us, we shall secure an individual, social and political prosperity and happiness, whose course shall be onward and upward, and which, while the earth endures, shall not pass away.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)