Smiling (album)

Smiling is first studio album by Theresa Fu, and it was released on July 23, 2008. Her 2 photo albums, Gracious and Sensuous, were also released on that date.

Its second edition was released on August 15, 2008 and it came with 4 music videos and footage of her trip to Japan.

The tracks on the first edition album are:

  1. Tragic Girl (悲劇女孩!?)
  2. Who will Envy of a Strong Person Like Me (誰羨慕像我這樣強的人)
  3. 珠光寶氣
  4. 大難不死
  5. Less Love in the World (世界真愛少)
  6. Kiss(親親)
  8. Effective Date (有效日期)
  9. Love Enemy (愛敵人) - feature with Maggie Fu
  10. Where are you? (你在哪裡?) - In Mandarin

The second edition comes with a Bonus DVD with the following music videos and clips:

  1. Tragic girl (悲劇女孩!?) MV
  2. Who will Envy of a Strong Person Like Me (誰羨慕像我這樣強的人)MV
  4. Love Enemy (愛敵人)MV
  5. Footage of Japan Trip (日本遊樂園全紀錄)

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