Smart Antenna

Smart Antenna

Smart antennas (also known as adaptive array antennas, multiple antennas and, recently, MIMO) are antenna arrays with smart signal processing algorithms used to identify spatial signal signature such as the direction of arrival (DOA) of the signal, and use it to calculate beamforming vectors, to track and locate the antenna beam on the mobile/target. The antenna could optionally be any sensor.

Smart antenna techniques are used notably in acoustic signal processing, track and scan RADAR, radio astronomy and radio telescopes, and mostly in cellular systems like W-CDMA and UMTS.

Smart antennas have two main functions: DOA estimation and Beamforming.

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Coupon-eligible Converter Box - Specifications - Optional Features
... Among the optional features permitted, but not required, were the following Support for a smart antenna, through the use of the CEA-909 Antenna Control Interface ... provide a promotional package discount for the combination of a smart antenna and a CECB ... While an outdoor antenna is required for adequate digital reception in most locations beyond 10–25 miles (16–40 km) from TV transmitters, and smart antenna interfaces were an optionally permitted ...
Extension of Smart Antennas
... Smart antenna systems are also a defining characteristic of MIMO systems, such as the IEEE 802.11n standard ... Conventionally, a smart antenna is a unit of a wireless communication system and performs spatial signal processing with multiple antennas ... Multiple antennas can be used at either the transmitter or receiver ...
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Limited Choice of EIA/CEA-909A Smart Antennas in The Marketplace
... of ATSC Digital television in the United States on June 11, 2009, two smart antenna models were brought to market RCA ANT2000 -- no longer available ... The unfortunately-named Channel Master 3000A SMARTenna is a conventional antenna, not a smart antenna ... conversion, but did not subsidize the purchase of a smart antenna to mitigate the cliff effect of digital television, and most CECBs do not support smart antennas ...

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