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Dinosoor - Classification - Taxonomy
... Herrerasauria (early bipedal carnivores) †Coelophysoidea (small, early theropods includes Coelophysis and close relatives) †Dilophosauridae (early crested and carnivorous theropods) †Ceratosauria (gen ...

Famous quotes containing the words primitive and/or small:

    In some ways being a parent is like being an anthropologist who is studying a primitive and isolated tribe by living with them.... To understand the beauty of child development, we must shed some of our socialization as adults and learn how to communicate with children on their own terms, just as an anthropologist must learn how to communicate with that primitive tribe.
    Lawrence Kutner (20th century)

    The small creatures chirp thinly through the dust, through the night.
    O mother
    What shall I cry?
    We demand a committee, a representative committee, a committee of investigation
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)