Slime may refer to:

  • Slime (substance) or Gunge, a runny viscous substance similar to paint featured on children's programmes or game shows

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... Mister Slime (known as Mr Slime in Australia and Mr ... Slime Jr ...
Slime - Fiction
... Slimey the Worm, the pet of Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street Slime (Dragon Quest), the mascot of the Dragon Quest console role-playing game franchise Slimer, a green ghost made of slime from ...
Shurara Corps - Giruru - Physical Appearance
... Giruru is a mutant Keronian of pure blue slime ... Two drops of slime of alternate sizes lay on each of his helmet ears ... He commonly creates a large puddle of slime beneath his feet ...
Latia - Life Habits
... theory is that when a predator disturbs the Latia, Latia release the bioluminescent slime, and the preator chases the light rather than the Latia ... Another theory is that the slime will attach to the predator causing confusion and alarm, or indeed, making the predator vulnerable and visible to other ... As the Latia release the slime when feeling threatened, it is conceivable Latia could be used as a monitor for illegal pollution dumping or other ...
List Of Ghostbusters Video Games - Ghostbusters II Video Game - Computer Versions
... disused Van Horne subway system to collect a sample of slime ... The player must collect the three segments of the slime scoop, as well as ammo and health, during the descent ... Journey to the Museum the Statue of Liberty has been brought to life by "mood slime" and is marching toward the Metropolitan Museum of Art the player controls a floating fireball (gener ...

Famous quotes containing the word slime:

    Clean the spittoons.
    The steam in hotel kitchens,
    And the smoke in hotel lobbies,
    And the slime in hotel spittoons:
    Part of my life.
    Langston Hughes (1902–1967)

    The slime pool that the dog drowned in . . .
    A drunk vomiting up a teaspoon of bile . . .
    Washing the polio off the grapes when I was ten . . .
    A Harvard book bag in Rome . . .
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    Let the space under the first storey be dark, let the water
    lap the stone posts, and vivid green slime glimmer
    upon them; let a boat be kept there.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)