Slender may refer to:

  • Gracility or slenderness

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Scottish Gaelic Phonology - Consonants
... contains what are traditionally referred to as "broad" and "slender" consonants ... phonologically velar or velarised consonants) and "slender" (i.e ... "broad" by the orthography are, for the most part simply unmarked, while "slender" consonants are palatal or palatalised ...
Synechanthus - Description
... The trunks of both are slender, rarely more than 2.5 cm wide, growing to 4.5 m tall usually dark green, they are ringed by white leaf scars ... The rachis is elongated bearing slender rachillae with slender, spinelike tips ...
Slender Whiting
... The Slender whiting, Sillago attenuata, is a poorly known species of inshore marine fish of the smelt whiting family, Sillaginidae that has a distribution limited to the ... The Slender whiting, like most sillaginids requires careful study to determine its identity, with ray and vertebrae counts as well as swim bladder morphology distinguishing ...
Slender - See Also
... Slender group Slender Man, an Internet-based urban legend about a tall thin man wearing a suit, who lacks a face Gracilis (disambiguation) All pages beginning with "Slender" All pages with titles containing "slender ...
Slender Squirrel
... The Slender Squirrel (Sundasciurus tenuis) is a species of rodent in the Sciuridae family ... The body measures about 13-16 cm, with a slightly shorter slender tail ...

Famous quotes containing the word slender:

    Was seiz’d by the spirit that trails in the lines underfoot,
    The rim, the sediment that stands for all the water and all the land
    of the globe.

    Fascinated, my eyes reverting from the south, dropt, to follow those slender windrows,
    Chaff, straw, splinters of wood, weeds, and the sea-gluten,
    Scum, scales from shining rocks, leaves of salt-lettuce, left by the tide,
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

    Each swung in danger on its slender twig,
    A bubble on a pipestem, growing big.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    I remember, I remember
    The fir trees dark and high;
    I used to think their slender tops
    Were close against the sky;
    It was a childish ignorance,
    But now ‘tis little joy
    To know I’m further off from Heaven
    Than when I was a boy.
    Thomas Hood (1799–1845)