Sleeper Car

Sleeper car may refer to:

  • Sleeping car, a railroad passenger car that can accommodate its passengers in beds
  • Sleeper (car), a car that has an unassuming exterior but is capable of high performance

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The Streamlined Vista-Dome North Coast Limited
... Tables in the dining car were set with fresh flowers and linen table cloths ... interiors of the Traveller’s Rest Tavern car added in 1955 were designed by industrial designer Raymond Loewy ... white line below the window band and pale mint green lower sides with black trucks most car names were replaced with numbers ...

Famous quotes containing the word car:

    The car as we know it is on the way out. To a large extent, I deplore its passing, for as a basically old- fashioned machine, it enshrines a basically old-fashioned idea: freedom. In terms of pollution, noise and human life, the price of that freedom may be high, but perhaps the car, by the very muddle and confusion it causes, may be holding back the remorseless spread of the regimented, electronic society.
    —J.G. (James Graham)