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Yohken Asakura - Guardian Ghosts
... who is able to collect information due to his smaller size and natural feline caution ... Gororo is a Koropukuru, but unlike the others, he is about the size of a human ... Because of his unnatural size, he had been shunned by other Koropokkur ...
Mid-size Cars - The United States
... The car that defined this size in the United States was the Rambler Six that was introduced in 1956, although it was called "compact" at that time ... The mid-size class then grew out of the compacts of the early-1960s ... Buick Special were not mechanically related to the compact Chevrolet Corvair, but were similar in size ...
Full-size Vehicles
... A full-size car is a marketing term used in North America for an automobile larger than a mid-size car ... In the United States, the EPA uses "large car" to denote full-size cars ... Full-size cars are usually denoted for their length, nearing 5,000 mm (197 in) in basic sedans, with luxury models often tending to reach 5,350 mm (211 in) ...
Downsize (automobile) - Examples - Chrysler
... Unlike Ford or General Motors, Chrysler's full-size car sales did not rebound from the initial 1973 gas crisis ... funds forced the company to focus on updating its compact, midsize, and personal luxury car lines ... outdated from the start, essentially a stretched version of Chrysler's midsize car platform, which dated to 1962 ...

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    When, at rare intervals, some thought visits one, as perchance he is walking on a railroad, then, indeed, the cars go by without his hearing them. But soon, by some inexorable law, our life goes by and the cars return.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    O hideous little bat, the size of snot,
    With polyhedral eye and shabby clothes,
    Karl Shapiro (b. 1913)