Sir Milton Margai

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History Of Sierra Leone - Early Independence (1961-1968) - An Independent Nation and Sir Milton Margai Administration (1961-64)
... On 27 April 1961, Sir Milton Margai lead Sierra Leone to Independence from Britain and became the country's first Prime Minister ... won plurality of seats in parliament and Sir Milton Margai was re-elected as prime minister ... An important aspect of Sir Milton's character was his self-effacement ...
History Of Sierra Leone - Colonial Era (1800 - 1961)
... It was due to the astute politics of Sir Milton Margai that the educated Protectorate elite was won over to join forces with the paramount chiefs in the face of Krio intransigence ... Later, Sir Milton used the same skills to win over opposition leaders and moderate Krio elements for the achievement of independence ... In November 1951, Sir Milton Margai oversaw the drafting of a new constitution, which united the separate Colonial and Protectorate legislatures and—-most importantly—-provided a framework for decolonization ...

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