Silvestri is a surname of Italian origin. Noted people with this last name include:

  • Alan Silvestri, a composer
  • Alessandra Silvestri-Levy, a curator, writer and humanitarian activist
  • Constantin Silvestri, a conductor
  • Cristian Silvestri, an Italian footballer
  • Dave Silvestri, a baseball player
  • Enrico Silvestri (1896–1977), Italian Alpini officer and skier
  • Filippo Silvestri (1873-1949), an Italian entomologist
  • Ken Silvestri, a baseball player
  • Lorenzo De Silvestri, a footballer
  • Marc Silvestri, a comic book artist
  • Marco Silvestri, (born 1991), Italian footballer
  • Nicola Silvestri, (born 1985), Italian footballer
  • Orlando Silvestri, a footballer
  • Peter N. Silvestri, a village president of Elmwood Park and a commissioner of Cook County, Illinois
  • Jim Silvestri, a composer, guitarist, bassist for the progressive/amibient rock group brainstatik

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... Force) is an Image Comics super-hero team created by artist Marc Silvestri and writer Eric Silvestri in 1992 ... Silvestri would begin performing both the plotting and pencilling chores, but the series was subsequently drawn by other artists, including David Finch ... The title was originally published through Homage Studios, a studio Silvestri shared with Jim Lee, as a 4 part mini-series (Volume 1, 1992–1993) ...