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Focal-plane Shutter - Two-curtain Shutters
... The traditional type of focal-plane shutter in 35 mm cameras, pioneered by Leitz for use in its Leica cameras, uses two shutter curtains, made of opaque rubberized fabric ... For slower shutter speeds, the first curtain opens (usually) from right to left, and after the required time with the shutter open, the second curtain closes the aperture in the same direction ... When the shutter is cocked again the shutter curtains are moved back to their starting positions, ready to be released ...
Edixa Reflex
... were West Germany's most popular own series of SLR's with focal plane shutter ... Since 1955 the cameras got additional slow shutter speeds, and since 1956 cameras with aperture release shifter for the M42 lenses were available ... of Edixa SLRs were introduced Type A, with shutter speeds up to 1/1000 sec ...
F-number - Stops, F-stop Conventions, and Exposure
... corresponds to a factor of two in light intensity, shutter speeds are arranged so that each setting differs in duration by a factor of approximately two from ... to have the same exposure at this larger aperture as at the previous aperture, the shutter would be opened for half as long (i.e ... twice the speed) ...
Leica R8-R9 - R9
... size 24×36 mm Recording medium 135 film Lens Leica R bayonet Focus Manual Shutter speeds 1/8000 to 32 s bulb F-numbers Depends on lens The R9 was an evolutionary ... was the addition of an LCD frame counter on the top plate between the wind lever and the shutter-speed dial ... Metz's HSS (High Speed Sync) flash mode was now supported, allowing fill flash at shutter speeds greater than the X sync speed by the use of many repeated small flashes of the electronic ...
Shutter Speed - Introduction
... Shutter speed along with the aperture of the lens (also called f-number) determines the amount of light that reaches the film or sensor ... Multiple combinations of shutter speed and aperture can give the same exposure halving the shutter speed doubles the exposure (1 EV more), while doubling the aperture size (halving ... Thus an exposure with a shutter speed of 1/250 s and f/8 is the same as with 1/500 s and f/5.6, or 1/125 s and f/11 ...

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    An honest tale speeds best being plainly told.
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    The rays which stream through the shutter will be no longer remembered when the shutter is wholly removed.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)