Shuto Expressway

Shuto Expressway (首都高速道路, Shuto Kōsoku Dōro?, lit. Metropolitan Expressway) is a network of toll expressways in the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan. It is operated and maintained by the Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd. (首都高速道路株式会社, Shuto Kōsoku Dōro Kabushiki-gaisha?).

Most routes are grade-separated (elevated roads or tunnels) and central routes have many sharp curves and multi-lane merges which require caution to drive safely. The speed limit is 60 km/h on most routes, but 80 km/h on the Bayshore Route, and 50 km/h on the Inner Circular Route.

All trips on the expressway require a toll be paid. As of 2012, the cash toll for a standard-size car is ¥900 regardless of distance travelled. Vehicles using the ETC toll-collection system pay a distance-based toll ranging from ¥500 to ¥900 - in some cases substantially less than the previous fixed-rate toll. Lower cash rates exist for certain radial routes (where there are only a few kilometers of expressway remaining) and ETC users have various time-of-day discounts. For large vehicles, the toll is doubled.

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