Shubert can refer to any of:

  • Franz Schubert, 19th Century Austrian composer
  • The Shubert family who were prominent in American theatre and founded the Shubert Organization, including:
    • Lee Shubert
    • Sam S. Shubert
    • Jacob J. Shubert
    • Shubert Theatre, a Broadway theatre in New York City
  • Fern Shubert, American politician
  • Shubert, Nebraska, a village

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Smiling Faces
... Produced by Lee Shubert and Jacob J ... Shubert, the production opened on Broadway at the Shubert Theatre where it ran from August 30, 1932, through September 24, 1932, for a total of 31 performances ...
Schubert Theatre
... For the differently-spelled (no "h") Shubert Theatre on New York's Broadway, see Shubert Theatre (Broadway), and for others, see Shubert Theatre (disambiguation) ...
... The Shubert family of New York City, New York was responsible for the establishment of the Broadway district, in New York City, as the hub of the theatre ... history began, in 1882, with Duvvid Schubart (transliterated to "Shubert") and his wife Katrina Helwitz, who left their native town Neustadt, Congress ... The three Shubert sons had to forgo much in the way of formal education and go to work when they were very young ...
Shubert Theatre (Boston)
... The Shubert Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts, is located at 263-265 Tremont Street in the Theatre District ... Bond, it was taken over by the Shubert Organization in 1908 after Bond's death ... In February 1996, the Wang Center signed a 40-year lease agreement with the Shubert Organization ...