Shoko can refer to:

  • Shoko (Buddhist) (1162-1238), disciple of Hōnen and second patriarch of Jōdo-shū
  • Emperor Shōkō (1401-1428), the 101st Emperor of Japan
  • Shoko Nakagawa (born 1985), Japanese idol
  • Shoko Sawada (born 1962), Japanese singer-songwriter
  • Shoko Hamada (born 1986), Japanese gravure idol
  • Shoko Slack (born 1965), Japanese Reiki Master, Color Therapist, Crystal Therapist, Aroma Therapist, practitioner of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
  • Shōko, a small gong used in the gagaku music of Japan

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... In his new assignment - finding Shoko - Honma has to work unofficially given the strong limitations placed on police officers on leave due to bureaucracy ... Was looking forward to marry the woman he knew as Shoko, only to be astonished at her disappearance and later at the revelation that she wasn't really named Shoko ... and co-worker respectively of the fake Shoko at Imai's company, a small-time cash register dealer ...
Hitomi Kuroki
... Her real name is Shoko Ichiji (伊知地昭子 Ijichi Shoko) née Egami (江上昭子 Egami Shoko) ...
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... Shoko Fukuyama (福山笙子 Fukuyama Shōko) A friend of Jyun Ezumi, and cousin and friend of Kyoji Fukuyama ... Shoko is emotional and passionate, and loves Kyoji in a deep romantic way even though he is a family member ... but when Jyun appears at Kyoji's hospital and tells Shoko off for being selfish and weak, Shoko is hurt even more ...
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... Date of birth August 12, 1971 Voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese), Kelly Manison (English) Shoko Asami (浅見 祥子, Asami Shōko?) is Misaki's aunt and ... She demands that Misaki and her friends call her "Miss Shoko" instead of "aunt" ("obasan" in Japanese) because she is still "an attractive young newscaster." She often covers Angelic Layer ... Misaki lives with Shoko when she moves to Tokyo ...