Shinobu Kagurazaka - Character Outline

Character Outline

Shinobu is a third-year student and the leader of the Mitsuomi Guard. Shinobu is very effeminate and most likely a homosexual, since he states that he likes big and muscular men. He is almost solely referred to by his family name by other characters. Despite his position, he does leave Mitsuomi side when Mitsuomi orders him. Shinobu seems to not understand Mitsuomi health condition or is prone to forgetting about it. This often causes Emi Isuzu to get upset with him.

Shinobu seems to be good friends with Bunshichi. Shinobu is believed to have a strategic mind since his able to win against the Executive Council's strategist Bunshichi, 36 times in row at chess. Later when Shinobu mentions that he thought Bunshichi would be happy seeing that Madoka was half naked, humorously suggests he and Shinobu should have a long talk about boobs.

For some reason Emi lists Shinobu as the only important member of the Executive Council that opposes her plans. Bunshichi was also listed, but only as potential opposition.

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