Shining Force III

Shining Force III (シャイニング・フォースIII, Shainingu Fōsu III?) is a video game designed for the Sega Saturn by Camelot Software Planning. It is a continuation of the Shining series. Comprising three separate but overlapping storylines, the Japanese version of Shining Force III was released in three volumes, known as: Scenario 1 | "God Warrior of the Kingdom" Scenario 2 | "Target: Child of God", and Scenario 3 | "Bulzome Rising". For players who collected all three volumes, Camelot Soft also issued a Premium Disc featuring artwork, a character model viewer, and additional extras.

In the United States and Europe, only Scenario 1 was released. The real ending to the game can only be viewed by completing all the games in the series. This concept would later appear in Suikoden III as the "Trinity Sight System".

The game raised controversy when Sega started threatening legal action and banning YouTube users for uploading recorded footage of the game. This has led to several YouTube users boycotting all products and reviews of Sega games until the matter is resolved.

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