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List Of Chaldean Catholic Patriarchs Of Babylon - Catholicoi and Patriarchs of Babylon For The Chaldeans - The Shimun Line
90 Shimun VIII Yohannan Sulaqa (1553–1555) — fixed the See in Amid 91 Abdisho IV Maron (1555–1570) — moved the See near Siirt vacant (1570–1572) 92 Yahballaha V (1572–1580) 93. 94 Shimun X Eliyah (1600–1638) — moved the See in Salmas 95 Shimun XI Eshuyow (1638–1656) 96 Shimun XII Yoalaha (1656–1662) 97 Shimun XIII Dinkha (1662–1692) — moved the See in Qochanis In 1692 ... Mar Shimun XIII continued to be Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East until c.1700 ...

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