Shenley Railway Station


Shenley was a railway station on the Outer Circle located in the suburb of Canterbury, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was located to the north of the Canterbury Road overbridge.

Opened on 24 March 1891, it had two side platforms on a loop, the main platform located on the east side of the line. The station was closed with the rest of the Outer Circle on 12 April 1893, was reopened on 14 May 1900, as part of the Deepdene Dasher shuttle, until final closure on 9 October 1927, along with the passenger service though it, but goods trains passed though until 1943.

A junction existed 200 yards (180 m) to the south of the station, with the main line going to Riversdale and the loop line towards Canterbury station on the Lilydale line. This connection was only open from 15 March 1892, until 12 April 1893. An 18-lever frame was provided at the Lilydale line connection, later reduced to 16 levers. In 1911 a spoil siding existed to the north, halfway to Roystead station. Earth filling from the cutting between Canterbury and Mont Albert Roads was used to regrade the Lilydale line. The main line points faced Shenley.

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