Sheet Film

Sheet film is large format and medium format photographic film supplied on individual sheets of acetate or polyester film base rather than rolls. Sheet film was initially supplied as an alternative to glass plates. The most popular size measures 4×5 inches; smaller and larger sizes including the gigantic 20×24 inches have been made and many are still available today.

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Medium Format (film) - Characteristics - Film Handling
... Medium format film is usually roll film, typically allowing 8 to 32 exposures on one roll of film before reloading is needed ... offset by the fact that most medium format systems used interchangeable film magazines, thereby allowing users to switch rolls quickly, allowing them larger numbers of exposures before needing to load new ... Some companies had bulk film backs that used 70mm double-perforated that allowed up to 75 feet of film to be loaded at one time ...
Camera Designs - Plate Camera
... Glass plates were later replaced by sheet film in a dark slide for sheet film adaptor sleeves were made to allow sheet film to be used in plate holders ... Cameras which take single exposures on sheet film and are functionally identical to plate cameras are still used for static, high-image-quality work see Large-format camera, below ...
Sheet Film Holders
... The most common instance of film holder is the sheet film holder ... slide, they are flat devices, slightly larger than the films they hold, which commonly hold one sheet of film on each side ... which is a very similar device, holds glass plates instead of sheet films ...
Sheet Film - Handling and Film Holders
... For more complete information, see the film holder article Most large format film is used double filmholders which, as the name implies, hold one sheet of film on each side ... The holders must be loaded and unloaded in the dark to protect film from premature exposure ... Some 4×5 inch films are available in single-shot, pre-loaded, disposable envelopes which can be conveniently loaded into a special film holder in daylight ...

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