Shard Caster

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List Of Kiba Characters - Seekers - Sara
... This reveals that Sara herself is a Shard Caster and possesses a sense of duty to protect her son, or at least to get rid of this Tusk member ... she never releases any Spirit, but instead continuously threw fire shards ... she witnesses the death of Hugh at her son's hands and takes Pronimo's shard after it leaves Hugh's body ...
List Of Kiba Characters - Templer - Zico
... Templer's survival, Zico had begun an aggressive campaign to find a Shard Caster for the key Spirit ... Zed's mother, Sara, and took her back to Templer where she was forcefully turned into a Shard Caster and received Amil Gaoul's shard ... As he was responsible for making her a Shard Caster, it is his responsibility to stop her rampage ...

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