Shannon Casull

Shannon Casull

The following is a list of characters from the anime Scrapped Princess.

Humans Dragoons Peacemakers Gods Other
Pacifica Casull Shannon Casull Raquel Casull Zefiris Cin Celia Mauser Mr. Soopy
Christopher Winia Chester Leopold Scorpus Natalie Cz/Shiizu Lord Browning Dragunov
Fulle Sir Barrett Kidaf Gillot Gloria Steyr Makarov
Forsyth Seness Giat Carol Casull Socom Parabellum
Yuhma Casull Galil
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Pacifica Casull - Humans - Shannon Casull
... Miki (Japanese), Crispin Freeman (English) Shannon Casull (シャノン・カスール, Shanon Kasūru?) is the son of Yuhma and Carol Casull, Raquel's younger brother and Pacifica's older foster ... Shannon is a skilled swordsman who has sworn to defend Pacifica's life no matter what, but he is reserved and calm despite the many difficulties in the Casull siblings' lives ... cook, clean and shop for groceries, but, when provoked, Shannon loses control of himself not listening to anyone ...