Serbs of Montenegro

Serbs Of Montenegro

Montenegrin Serbs (Serbian: Црногорcки Cрби) compose the second largest ethnic group in Montenegro (29.00% in 2011), after the Montenegrins. The presence of Serbs in Montenegro is first attested in the Middle Ages; since the 1910 census, when ethnicity was recorded, they formed the absolute majority of the country until the 1948 census, in which the option of the identification as a Montenegrin was allowed (see Demographic history of Montenegro) therefore explaining the difference between "Serb" and "Montenegrin" on the citizenship basis. On the ethnical basis however, the majority of Montenegrins belong to the slavic "Serb" people, as do Serbs from Bosnia (Bosnians), from Croatia (Croatians), etc.

According to the 2003 population census, Serbs had formed majority on a relative majority of Montenegro's geographic territory, in a total of 47% of its settlements, making them the most territorial-widespread population of the country

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Serbs Of Montenegro - Notes
... Cрби – Crnogorski Srbi, meaning "Montenegrin Serbs", and Cрби Црногорци - Srbi Crnogorci, meaning "Serbs Montenegrins" ... early modern times, before the Kingdom of Montenegro, people were divided by the identities of Brđani (Brda), Hercegovci (Old Herzegovina), Bokelji (Boka Kotorska) and Crnogorci (Old ... Срби у Црној Гори - Srbi u Crnoj Gori, meaning "Serbs in Montenegro" ...