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Operating Ratio
... The operating ratio is a financial term defined as a company's operating expenses as a percentage of revenue ... In railroading, an operating ratio of 80 or lower is considered desirable ... The operating ratio can be used to determine the efficiency of a company's management by comparing operating expenses to net sales ...
Security Architecture - Secure Operating Systems
... security refers to technology to implement a secure operating system ... what may be some of the most impenetrable operating systems ever ... primarily because it imposes some changes to system management and also because it is not widely understood ...
Timeline Of Operating Systems
... of events in the history of computer operating systems from 1951 to the current day ... For a narrative explaining the overall developments, see the History of operating systems ...
Covert Channel - Characteristics
... it is hidden from the access control mechanisms of ultra-high-assurance secure operating systems since it does not use the legitimate data transfer mechanisms of the computer ... Covert channels are exceedingly hard to install in real systems, and can often be detected by monitoring system performance in addition, they suffer from a low signal-to-noise ratio and low data rates (on the order ... be removed manually with a high degree of assurance from secure systems by well established covert channel analysis strategies ...
Operating Leverage
... Operating leverage is a measure of how revenue growth translates into growth in operating income.leverage, and of how risky (volatile) a company's operating income is ...

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    Reclusive? The inner city will secure your privacy better than any desert cave.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    Many people operate under the assumption that since parenting is a natural adult function, we should instinctively know how to do it—and do it well. The truth is, effective parenting requires study and practice like any other skilled profession. Who would even consider turning an untrained surgeon loose in an operating room? Yet we “operate” on our children every day.
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