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Unified Extensible Firmware Interface - Contents - Booting - Secure Boot
... The UEFI 2.2 specification adds a protocol known as Secure boot, which can secure the boot process by preventing the loading of drivers or OS loaders that are not signed with an acceptable ... When secure boot is enabled, it is initially placed in "Setup" mode, which allows a public key known as the "Platform key" (PK) to be written to the firmware ... Once the key is written, secure boot enters "User" mode, where only drivers and loaders signed with the platform key can be loaded by the firmware ...
Windows Refund - Boot Locking Concerns
... See also Windows 8#Secure boot Microsoft requires that OEMs support UEFI secure boot on their products to qualify for the Windows 8 Logo Program ... been raised that OEMs might ship systems that do not to allow users to disable secure boot or install signing keys for alternative operating systems ... Such computers would be unable to boot any non-Windows operating system (unless that operating system was signed and its keys included with the computer), further complicating the issue ...

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