SCM may refer to:

Business or organization:

  • SCM Corporation, an American typewriter and calculator manufacturer
  • SCM Holdings, a holding company owned by Ukrainian tycoon Rinat Akhmetov
  • Student Christian Movement of the United Kingdom
  • Supply chain management
  • National bodies within the World Student Christian Federation

Physical or biological sciences:

  • Scanning capacitance microscopy, a mode of scanning probe microscopy
  • Sternocleidomastoid muscle


  • SCM (Scheme implementation), a free software Scheme implementation
  • Service Control Manager, a component of Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Source Control Management, the management of documents, source code, or other data in a computing project
  • Software configuration management


  • Set, Complete, Meteorological, a Signal Corps Radio term.
  • Squadron Corporal Major, a warrant officer appointment in the British Household Cavalry
  • STAR Chinese Movies, A Chinese movies channel owned by Fox International Channels
  • Subcarrier multiplexing, a multiplexing method used in optical communication systems

Other articles related to "scm":

Anatol Pikas
... (born 29 November 1928), creator of the Shared Concern method, SCm, is a retired associate professor in Educational Psychology from Uppsala University, Sweden ... has been developing his Shared Concern method, SCm, originally aimed at dealing with cases of bullying and hazeing when they occur in high school ... More recently, SCm has been used as a basis for Peer Mediation and treating youth violence and gang activity in cases where therapeutic mediation can be applied ...
Scanning Capacitance Microscopy - Applications of SCM
... Owing to the high spatial resolution of SCM, it is a useful nanospectroscopy characterization tool ... Some applications of the SCM technique involve mapping the dopant profile in a semiconductor device on a 10 nm scale, quantification of the local dielectric properties in hafnium-based high-k dielectric ...
SCM Holdings - Awards and Recognition
... The top ten list included three SCM Group companies System Capital Management, Metinvest and DTEK, while DTEK as number one in the list ... SCM Group prepared the first corporate social responsibility report in Ukraine in 2005 ... On 1 December 2011, SCM was honored at the Business Leadership Roundtable and Corporate Social Responsibility Awards Luncheon held during Ukraine's 20th Anniversary ...
SCM Holdings - Structure
... The biggest company in the SCM Group is Metinvest involved in the mining and steel business ... SCM also owns two large banks and an insurance company ... In telecommunications, SCM has a fixed line business, Vega Telecom group and a big share in mobile operator, Life) ...