Scientific Lazzaroni - Friends of The Lazzaroni

Friends of The Lazzaroni

  • James Hall (paleontologist) (1811–1898)
  • Senator Henry Wilson (1812–1875)
  • Jefferson Finis Davis (1808–1889) very close friends with Bache (since West Point) and Joseph Henry of the Smithsonian. Bache did not like Maury working near the area Bache regarded as his own, the Coast Survey. However, due to shipwrecks, Maury was ordered to create charts and the shipwrecks ceased. Bache became jealous and was determined to get revenge. Jefferson Davis was Regent of Smithsonian for several years which clashed with the Navy Observatory over Smithson's money for professional scientific advancements. Davis was a Regent of the Smithsonian Institution in 1847 and early in 1851. From 1853 to 1857 he was automatically a part of the Smithsonian directorship as Secretary of War. In 1857 he re-entered the Senate. The, great ability of Jefferson Davis was admired by Smithsonian Secretary Joseph Henry as well as by Bache. These three powerful men, Henry, Jeff Davis, and Bache were in every way against Matthew Fontaine Maury – including when the civil war broke out and during the civil war which started shortly after "1857". These disputes carried on throughout the war. Jeff Davis became CSA President and M F Maury was under his command. Bache, Henry, and their friends were members of the scientific Lazzaroni and the National (NAS) scientific group formed to watch over the nation as they had always desired but even so through clandestine methods to dupe President Lincoln to sign papers not debated right at the closing of a session.

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