Schwarzschild is a German surname meaning "black sign" or "black shield" and may refer to:

  • Karl Schwarzschild, (1873–1916), physicist and astronomer
  • Martin Schwarzschild, (1912–1997), astronomer
  • Steven Schwarzschild, (1924–1989), philosopher and rabbi
  • Henry Schwarzschild, (1926–1996), civil rights activist

Named after Karl Schwarzschild:

  • Karl Schwarzschild Medal
  • Karl Schwarzschild Observatory
  • Schwarzschild coordinates
  • Schwarzschild metric (Schwarzschild solution, Schwarzschild geometry, Schwarzschild black hole, Schwarzschild vacuum)
  • Schwarzschild radius (Schwarzschild horizon)
  • Schwarzschild wormholes
  • Schwarzschild criterion
  • Schwarzschild effect in photography, also known as reciprocity
  • Schwarzschild (lunar crater)

Other articles related to "schwarzschild":

Lemaître Coordinates
... Lemaître coordinates are a particular set of coordinates for the Schwarzschild metric—a spherically symmetric solution to vacuum Einstein equation ... to Lemaître coordinates removes the coordinate singularity at the Schwarzschild radius, which is present in Schwarzschild coordinates ...
Two-body Problem In General Relativity - Schwarzschild Solution
... See also Schwarzschild solution An exact solution to the Einstein field equations is the Schwarzschild metric, which corresponds to the external gravitational field of a stationary, uncharged ... It is characterized by a length scale rs, known as the Schwarzschild radius, which is defined by the formula where G is the gravitational constant ... For example, the Schwarzschild radius rs of the Earth is roughly 9 mm (3⁄8 inch) at the surface of the Earth, the corrections to Newtonian gravity are only one part in a billion ...
Carter Constant - Schwarzschild Limit
... The spherical symmetry of the Schwarzschild metric for non-spinning black holes allows one to reduce the problem of finding the trajectories of particles to three ... Carter's constant for Schwarzschild space is ...
Schwarzschild (crater)
... Schwarzschild is a large lunar impact crater that is located in the northern part of the Moon's far side ... The somewhat irregular outer rim of Schwarzschild has been overlain by many smaller impact craters, including most notably Schwarzschild K across the southeastern face and Schwarzschild ... Just to the northeast of Schwarzschild K is a short chain of small craters lying across the rim and inner wall of Schwarzschild ...