SCE is an abbreviation with multiple meanings:

  • Short-channel effect, a secondary effect describing the reduction in threshold voltage Vth in MOSFETs with non-uniformly doped channel regions as the gate length increases
  • Southern California Edison, primary electricity supplier for southern California, USA.
  • China SCE Property, a property developer in Fujian, China
  • System Center Essentials, a performance and event monitoring product from Microsoft
  • Saturated calomel electrode, a commonly used reference electrode used in pH measurement and general aqueous electrochemistry
  • School of Continuing Education, an adult continuing education school in Orange County, California
  • School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University, one of the seven schools of the Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Scottish Certificate of Education was a certificate of the Scottish Secondary Education system incorporating Standard and Higher Grades
  • Service Children's Education, a support agency acting as a Local Education Authority for British service schools overseas
  • Service Creation Environment, a development environment used to create the services present in an Intelligent Network
  • Scalable Cluster Environment, a software project for cluster computing.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation which produces PlayStation hardware and games including online games
  • Starfleet Corps of Engineers, a series of books from the fictional Star Trek universe
  • University Park Airport, an airport in State College, Pennsylvania with IATA code "SCE"
  • Sister chromatid exchange, the exchange of genetic material between two identical sister chromatids
  • European Cooperative Society (SCE, for Latin Societas Cooperativa Europaea), a European legal society for companies or individuals from different EU states
  • Singapore Combat Engineers, one of the combat arms of the Singapore Armed Forces
  • Subcutaneous emphysema, air trapped in the subcutaneous layer of the tissues
  • Service Cryptologic Elements, the cryptologic service of the United States Armed Forces (see Central Security Service)
  • Signal Conditioning Equipment, an Apollo spacecraft CSM instrumentation subsystem (see John Aaron#Apollo 12)
  • Standard Coal Equivalent, a measurement of energy given as the mass of coal. 1 kW is equivalent to 0.1229 kg SCE.
  • Safety Centre Europe, a crisis and emergency management services company in Antwerp, Belgium.

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