Sartorius can also refer to:

  • Sartorius muscle, a long thin muscle that runs down the length of the thigh
  • Sartorius Point on Viskyar Ridge, Antarctica
  • Mr. Sartorius, a character in G.B. Shaw's Widowers' Houses
  • Sartorius (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX), a fictional character in the anime TV series
  • Dr. Alex Sartorius, alias Doctor Phosphorus, in the DC comic universe
  • Sartorius, a character in Stanislaw Lem's Solaris
  • Sartorius AG, a laboratory equipment manufacturer
  • "Sartorius", a song by Goldfrapp
  • Doctor Erasmus Sartorius, one of the characters in the video game Zork: Nemesis

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Paul Sartorius
... Paul Hélène Marie Joseph Sartorius (September 20, 1912 – November 2002) was a French field hockey player who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics ... He was born in Roubaix and is the nephew of Émile Sartorius ... Sartorius was a member of the French field hockey team, which finish fourth in the 1936 Olympic tournament ...
Sartorius AG - Awards
... In 2001 Sartorius receive the "Innovation Award of the German Economy" for its development of the GENIUS analytical balance ... Two years later Sartorius competed for and received the "Initiative Prize" for training and continuing education from the Otto Wolf foundation, the German Chamber of Commerce ... In 2005 Sartorius won the "Best innovator of 2005" from the category of ‘Time to profit" awarded by the international management consultant A.T.Hearney and German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche ...
Sartorius AG - Acquisitions
... In early 1990, Sartorius AG went public this began the process that allowed for capital to be raised for the acquisition of several companies into the Sartorius group ... In 1998, following the capital acquisition, Sartorius bought Boekels, a quality control company in the processing industry and in metal detection ... A year later, Sartorius acquired the company B ...
Society Of Light - History
... God Cards and Sacred Beast Cards, the card causes both Sartorius and Pro League king, The D, to develop split personalities, with the former founding the Society ... On the surface the goal of Sartorius and his organization appears to be world domination starting with Duel Academy by expanding their syndicate, but ... brainwashed into the Society's fold by losing to Sartorius or one of his representatives in a Duel, using Sartorius' own mystical powers of fate-prediction and his ...