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Members Killed On Duty

Eleven SBSD deputies have been killed in the line of duty. SBSD established the Frank Bland Memorial at its headquarters to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the citizens of San Bernardino County.

  • Detective Deputy Jeremiah MacKay (35) EOW February 12, 2013. Deputy MacKay, a 15-year veteran of the Department, was shot and killed by former U.S. Navy lieutenant and ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, as MacKay and another deputy sheriff responded to a stolen vehicle report in the Big Bear Lake Seven Oaks region in San Bernardino County. Dorner abandoned the stolen vehicle and hid inside a vacant vacation rental cabin. When the two deputies approached the cabin Dorner reportedly ambushed the deputies with gunfire. Dorner seriously injured one deputy and mortally wounded MacKay. MacKay was life-flighted to a hospital and pronounced dead at 2:24 p.m. on February 12, 2013. The deputies were part of the multi-county search for Dorner.
  • Deputy Billy Heckle EOW January 1, 1960. Deputy Heckle was shot and killed while protecting another deputy in Bloomington.
  • Lt. Al Stewart EOW March 9, 1973. Lt. Stewart was shot and killed by an ex-convict who had just killed a CHP officer and service station employee in the Cajon Pass. Lt. Stewart exchanged gunfire with the killer, but was killed with the CHP officer's stolen revolver.
  • Deputy Frank Pribble EOW July 6, 1975. Deputy Pribble was shot and killed at a rest stop near Fontana after locating a suspect who had been involved in a domestic disturbance.
  • Deputy Clifford Sanchez EOW April 5, 1985. Deputy Sanchez was shot and killed during a robbery attempt in San Bernardino.
  • Deputy Donald Demuelle EOW July 31, 1986. He died when the helicopter he was flying in crashed into Lake Silverwood. The helicopter was attempting to locate grand theft auto suspects who were stripping cars in the area.
  • Deputy Keith Farley EOW April 12, 1987. Deputy Farley died from a cerebral hemorrhage after a kick to the head from a suspect while arresting him.
  • Deputy Russell Roberts EOW September 17, 1995. Deputy Roberts was struck by a vehicle while investigating a traffic collision near Needles.
  • Deputy Ron Ives EOW September 1, 2004. Deputy Ives died in Rancho Cucamonga while riding a motor unit when a citizen ran a red light and collided with him.
  • Deputy Greg Gariepy EOW June 22, 2005. Deputy Gariepy died in a traffic collision when responding to assist another deputy in Yucca Valley.
  • Deputy Danny Lobo, Jr EOW October 11, 2005. Deputy Lobo died in a traffic collision in Rancho Cucamonga while responding to assist another deputy. He was assigned to a motor unit.

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