Salt Marsh

A salt marsh, also known as a coastal salt marsh or a tidal marsh, is a coastal ecosystem in the upper coastal intertidal zone between land and open salt water or brackish water that is regularly flooded by the tides. It is dominated by dense stands of salt-tolerant plants such as herbs, grasses, or low shrubs. These plants are terrestrial in origin and are essential to the stability of the salt marsh in trapping and binding sediments. Salt marshes play a large role in the aquatic food web and the delivery of nutrients to coastal waters. They also support terrestrial animals and provide coastal protection.

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Salt Marsh Dieback
... Salt marsh dieback, or salt marsh browning, is the primary force in salt marsh degradation ... general effect is that the plants in the marsh die off and brown, leaving dead organic matter, and ultimately open sediment ... roots holding the sediment, these open areas of land erode, causing the salt marsh to retreat back to the mainland ...
Codornices Creek - Late 20th -- Early 21st Century
... into a narrow tidal slough—the remnant of the former salt marsh - that makes a right turn to follow between Golden Gate Fields Racetrack and the I-80/I-580 freeway, following the creek's original northward course ... south of Buchanan Street in Albany, this channel widens into a small salt marsh ... This marsh in turn empties into the Albany tide flats and San Francisco Bay via four pipes under Buchanan Street ...
Salt Marsh - Research Methods
... and combination of methodologies employed to understand the hydrological dynamics in salt marshes and their ability to trap and accrete sediment ... Sediment traps are often used to measure rates of marsh surface accretion when short term deployments (e.g ... of pre-weighed filters that are anchored to the marsh surface, then dried in a laboratory and re-weighed to determine the total deposited sediment ...
San Pablo Creek - Overview
... the city limits of Richmond, is known as San Pablo Creek Marsh, and its 300 acres (1.2 km2) are filled with an abundance of wildlife, including endangered ... Other animals present are the shy Salt Marsh Harvest Sparrows which live in the sloughs, while Salt Marsh Yellow Throats live among the willows that grow ...
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