Salsa may refer to:

  • Salsa (sauce), any of various sauces of Spanish, Italian or Latin American origin, from the Spanish or Italian word for sauce
  • Salsa music, a fusion of Afro-Cuban musical styles based on the Cuban son
  • Salsa (dance), the dance forms corresponding to salsa music
    • Salsa (1988 film), a 1988 film based on the dance
    • Salsa (2000 film), a 1999 film based on the dance
  • Salsa (album), a 2000 album by Celia Cruz
  • Salsa (fashion), a clothing company and brand
  • In cryptography, the Salsa family of stream ciphers, particularly Salsa20
  • SALSA (programming language), an actor based programming language
  • SEAT Salsa, a concept car built by the Spanish car maker SEAT
  • A character in the 2006 video game Mother 3
  • A character in the 2007 XBOX360 and 2008 PlayStation 3 game Eternal Sonata
  • Salsa d'Haiti a Haitian airline
  • Salsa (satellite), also known as Cluster 2, an ESA satellite
  • SALSA, Safe And Local Supplier Approval, a UK food and beverage supplier accreditation.

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... Starting in 2005, the festival has featured the Miss Sun and Salsa Pageant ... Each year, it selects a "Miss Sun and Salsa", "Sun Princess" and "Salsa Princess" to promote the Kensington community and the festival ...
Soy (Víctor Manuelle Album) - Track Listings
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Salsa Suelta
... Salsa suelta ("loose salsa"), or suelta, is a form of dancing to salsa music ... Though the term technically describes any instance of salsa being danced without touching a partner, it is normally used to refer to a type of line dancing ... The dance moves may be borrowed from dances related to salsa, from jazz and hip-hop to rumba and orisha ...
Laba Sosseh
... Laba Badara Sosseh was a Gambian son and salsa singer and composer ... visit New York, where he became involved in the fledging salsa scene, and recorded a series of LPs titled "Salsa Africana", with direction from Cuban sonero Monguito "El ... Sosseh remained connected to the New York salsa scene for thirty years ...