• (noun): A fencing sword with a v-shaped blade and a slightly curved handle.
    Synonyms: sabre
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Saber Radar - Radar
... The SABER (Tracking System Based on aerial targets Radio Frequency Emission) radar was developed by OrbiSat aiming its operational employment in both urban environments and ... The SABER is a three-dimensional radar that tracks up to 40 targets simultaneously, classifying them as friend or foe, distinguishing between fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft ... The SABER radar performs two tasks Surveillance To maintain control centers air defense with the updated information vector, friends and hostile, positioned and correlated to measures of ...
Along Came A Spider (album) - Track List
... / I Know Where You Live" Alice Cooper, Danny Saber, Greg Hampton 421 2 ... Slash) Cooper, Saber, Hampton 426 3 ... Ozzy Osbourne) Cooper, Saber, Ozzy Osbourne 353 4 ...
Saber Shin
... Saber shin is a malformation of the tibia ... Saber shin is a sharp-edged anteriorly convex tibia ...
Saber Radar - Versions
... SABER X60 - The Saber M60 prototype ... SABER M60 - The first operational Saber series radar ... SABER M200 - The project of a similar radar with range up to 200 km ...
Saber Arch - Germany and Austria
... In Germany and Austria, saber arches are commonly employed by various types of male-only Studentenverbindungen (student fraternities) ... The saber arch is then presented from both sides, and the flag is raised above the head of the corpse ... coffin is lowered into the earth, both the saber arch and the flag follow him, usually resting there while last words are uttered ...

More definitions of "saber":

  • (verb): Kill with a saber.
    Synonyms: sabre
  • (verb): Cut or injure with a saber.
    Synonyms: sabre