Ryo may refer to:

  • Ryō (given name), a unisex Japanese given name.
  • The Japanese kana digraph (yōon) ryo, ryō, or ryoh (りょ, リョ, りょー, リョー)
  • Ryō (Japanese coin), a gold piece in pre-Meiji era Japan worth about sixty monme or four kan

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... Ryo Itoya (糸矢 僚, Itoya Ryō?) is the human form of the Spider Fangire (スパイダーファンガイア, Supaidā Fangaia?) ... But once he loses the Ixa Knuckle due to his attraction to Megumi, Ryo is weakened by the Garulu Fever of Emperor Form and then destroyed by the fully awakened Mio ... Ryo Itoya is portrayed by Sohto (創斗, Sōto?) ...
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... As soon as she arrives on the island, strange occurrences are set into motion and Ryo eventually catches on to Hotaruko's schemes ... Toward the third episode, Ryo discovers through the priest that Hotaruko is in fact her mother and that Itsuki was her grandmother implying that Mizuno is Ryo's uncle ... kills the puppet shortly thereafter and in retaliation Ryo kills her lover on a whim, compelled by her sudden insanity ...