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HMS Centaur (1797) - The Baltic - Anglo-Russian War
1808 Russia initiated the Finnish War in response to Sweden's refusal to bow to Russian pressure to join the anti-British alliance ... Russia captured Finland and made it a Grand Duchy under the Russian Empire ... decided to take counter-measures and in May sent a fleet, including Centaur, under Vice-Admiral Sir James Saumarez to the Baltic ...
Anglo-Russian War (1807–1812) - Military Activities - Naval Conflict in The Baltic
... British men-of-war supported the Swedish fleet during the Finnish War and had victories over the Russians in the Gulf of Finland in July 1808 and August 1809 ... In May 1808 the British sent a fleet under Vice-Admiral Sir James Saumarez to the Baltic ... The British 44-gun frigate Salsette captured the Russian cutter Opyt on 23 June 1808 off Norgen island, which defends Revel’ from the sea, after her captain and crew put up a heroic resistance ...
Battle Of Port Arthur - Subsequent Naval Actions At Port Arthur, February–December 1904
... On 11 February 1904, the Russian minelayer Yenisei started to mine the entrance to Port Arthur ... made to scuttle five old transport vessels to block the entry to Port Arthur, sealing the Russian fleet inside ... In the poor light, the Russians mistook the old transports for battleships, and an exultant Viceroy Yevgeni Alekseyev telegraphed the Tsar of his great naval victory ...
List Of Ottoman Sieges And Landings - Stagnation (1699–1827)
... Spanish stronghold in Algeria 1708 Reconquest of Moldavia and Azov from the Russians 1711 Start of the Eighth Ottoman-Venetian War with the reconquest ...
Russian Battleship Poltava (1894) - Service History - Russo-Japanese War
... On 8 February 1904, the Imperial Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack on the Russian fleet at Port Arthur ... in pursuit along with other ships of the Russian fleet, all firing their forward guns, but she failed to score any hits ... the next six months with the rest of the fleet ...

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