Running Up The Score

Running Up The Score

In North American sports, "running up the score" occurs when a team continues to play in such a way as to score additional points after the outcome of the game is no longer in question and the team is assured of winning. In the United States and Canada, it is sometimes considered poor sportsmanship to "run up the score" in most circumstances (exceptions are listed below); sporting alternatives include pulling out most of the team's first string players, or calling plays designed to run out the clock (e.g., in American football, kneeling, running the ball up the middle, punting on first down). The term and concept are not common elsewhere in the world, where low-scoring sports, such as soccer, predominate.

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Running Up The Score - In Other Sports - Professional American Football
... Running up the score is rarely done by teams in the National Football League (NFL) and other professional American football leagues ... Any attempt to run up the score increases the risks of losing a key player to an injury that could affect the team's chances for the rest of the season ... It is much more difficult to run up the score to embarrassing (50+ point) margins in the modern game at the pro level ...

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