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United Kingdom

  • Royal Commission for inquiring into the nature and extent of the Instruction afforded by the several Institutions in Ireland established for the purpose of Education (1824)
  • Royal Commission on Railway Gauges (1845)
  • Royal Commission on the Poorer Classes in Ireland 1833
  • Royal Commission of Inquiry into Children's Employment (1840)
  • Royal Commission on the British Museum (1847–49)
  • Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 (1850) planned the Great Exhibition and still exists as a charitable body endowed by the proceeds
  • Royal Commission on the City of London (1853–54) led to the establishment of the Metropolitan Board of Works, the first London-wide local government body.
  • Royal Commission on the Health of the Army (1856–57) based on Florence Nightingale's reports on medical care during the Crimean War
  • Royal Commission on the Defence of the United Kingdom (1859)
  • Royal Commission on Transportation and Penal servitude (1863)
  • Royal Commission on Capital Punishment 1864-1866
  • Clarendon Commission (1861–64) looked into nine old public schools
  • Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts (1869)
  • Royal Commission on the Working of the Penal Servitude Actc &c (1878)
  • Napier Commission (1883–84), formally the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Condition of Crofters and Cottars in the Highlands and Islands....
  • Royal Commission on Secondary Education (Bryce Commission) (1895)
  • Royal Commission on Sewage Disposal (1898 - 1912)
  • Royal Commission on the control of the feeble-minded (1904)
  • Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (1908)
  • Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
  • Royal Commission on the Poor Laws and Relief of Distress 1909
  • Royal Commission on the University of Durham (1935) — Lord Moyne
  • Redcliffe-Maud Commission (1966–69) on local government
  • Royal Commission on Trade Unions and Employers' Associations (1968)
  • Royal Commission on the Constitution (1969–73), also known as the "Kilbrandon Commission" or the "Crowther Commission"
  • Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (1970-2011)
  • Royal Commission on the Press, United Kingdom (1947–49), (1961–62), (1974–77)
  • Benson Commission, or the Royal Commission on Legal Services (1976)
  • Pearson commission (1973–78), Royal Commission on Civil Liability and Compensation for Personal Injury
  • Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure (1981)
  • Royal Commission on Criminal Justice (1991)
  • Royal Commission on Long Term Care for the Elderly (1998)

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