Rotating Magnetic Field

A rotating magnetic field is a magnetic field which changes direction at (ideally) a constant angular rate. This is a key principle in the operation of the alternating-current motor. Rotating magnetic fields are mainly utilized in electric rotating machinery e.g. electric generators or induction motors and therefore electromechanical applications. However it can also be used in purely electrical applications as e.g. induction regulators.

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Tesla's Egg Of Columbus
... was used to demonstrate and explain the principles of the rotating magnetic field model and the induction motor ... the feat of Columbus with a copper egg in a rotating magnetic field ... current source (such as a variable speed alternator) to create the rotating magnetic field ...
Nikola Tesla Museum - Contents - Ground Floor - Room 5 - The Polyphase System and Its Application
... A series of interactive models illustrating the origin of the idea of the rotating magnetic field has also been exhibited rotation of a copper plate by ... his conception of the physical principles of the rotating magnetic field visually demonstrating the vectorial addition of two identical sine curves ... the induction motor principle by spinning an egg-shaped rotor in a rotating magnetic field ...
Rotating Magnetic Field - History
... The discovery of the rotating magnetic field is generally attributed to two inventors, the Italian physicist and electrical engineer Galileo Ferraris, and the Austrian/Serbian inventor and electrical engineer Nikola ...
AC Motor - History
... Faraday’s and Joseph Henry’s 1830-31 discovery of a changing magnetic field that is capable of inducing an electric current in a circuit ... The first person to conceive of a rotating magnetic field was Walter Baily who gave a workable demonstration of his battery-operated polyphase motor aided by a commutator on June 28, 1879 to the Physical ... in 1880 published a paper that identified the rotating magnetic field principle and that of a two-phase AC system of currents to produce it ...
Important Uses and Examples of Magnetic Field - Rotating Magnetic Fields
... The rotating magnetic field is a key principle in the operation of alternating-current motors ... A permanent magnet in such a field rotates so as to maintain its alignment with the external field ... A rotating magnetic field can be constructed using two orthogonal coils with 90 degrees phase difference in their AC currents ...

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