Rot or rotting may refer to:

  • Decomposition, the process by which organic matter breaks down
    • Dry rot and wet rot in wood
  • Rot-proof, a process to protect materials from decomposition
  • Bit rot, the gradual electronic decay of storage media and software
  • Disk rot, the physical decay of optical disks such as CDs due to chemical or electrical damage
  • Software rot, a form of bit rot
  • Link rot, in which hyperlinks on web pages become broken over time
  • ROT13, a simple substitution cipher in cryptography
  • Rot (Danube), a river in Upper Swabia, Germany
    • Rot an der Rot, a village on the Rot river
    • Sankt Leon-Rot, a municipality in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Rot, Sweden, a village in the Älvdalen Municipality, Sweden
Other uses
  • Rot (mathematics), a vector operator in mathematics (an abbreviation of rotation)
  • Rotting (album), an album by the Brazilian metal band Sarcofago
  • TAROM, a Romanian airline, ICAO code ROT

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... Other diseases that will affect Douglas fir include root and butt rot, black stain fungus, red ring rot, red-brown but rot, needle cast and red ring rot ... Other potential diseases include shoestring root rot and redband needle blight ...
Laminated Root Rot
... Laminated root rot also known as yellowing ring rot is caused by a fungal pathogen Phellinus weirii ... Laminated root rot is one of the most damaging root disease amongst conifers in northwestern America and affects mostly fir trees and cedars ... hardwoods are known to be immune to the pathogen and therefore are not infected with yellow ring rot ...
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... ROT (disambiguation) Rott (disambiguation) Roth (disambiguation) Rots. ...
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... Laminated root rot mainly attacks Douglas fir, Mountain hemlock, Western hemlock, Grand fir, and Pacific silver fir ... root forming “root balls.” Laminated root rot is frequently detected during ground surveying when canopy openings and standing dead and fallen trees are observed ... Signs of Laminated root rot are the red fungal hairs between sheets of decomposing wood and also the buff colored mycelia on the outside of the roots ...

Famous quotes containing the word rot:

    Simone Clouseau: We can’t just let him rot in prison.
    Sir Charles: Oh, it takes years for people to rot.
    Blake Edwards (b. 1922)

    I ask whether the mere eating of human flesh so very far exceeds in barbarity that custom which only a few years since was practised in enlightened England:Ma convicted traitor, perhaps a man found guilty of honesty, patriotism, and suchlike heinous crimes, had his head lopped off with a huge axe, his bowels dragged out and thrown into a fire; while his body, carved into four quarters, was with his head exposed upon pikes, and permitted to rot and fester among the public haunts of men!
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    The duck fats rot in the roasting pan,
    And it’s over and over and all ...
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)