Root Canal

A root canal is the space within the root of a tooth. It is part of a naturally occurring space within a tooth that consists of the pulp chamber (within the coronal part of the tooth), the main canal(s), and more intricate anatomical branches that may connect the root canals to each other or to the surface of the root.

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Root Canal Anatomy in Cross-section
... Root canals presenting an oval cross-section are found in 50%-70% of root canals ... In addition, canals with a "tear-shaped" cross section are common whenever a single root contains two canals (e.g ... mesial roots of lower molars) ...
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate - Usage in Some Clinical Cases - Internal & External Root Resorption & Obturation
... In internal resorption… root canal therapy is performed, putty mixture of MTA is inserted in the canal using pluggers to the level of the defect ... Gutta percha and root canal sealer are placed above the defect to complete the root canal treatment ... In direct cases, the canal may be completely obturated with MTA ...
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... Now, you have to have that root canal ... Souter's office again, regarding that root canal ... My nurse tells me you've blown four root canal appointments ...
Lentulo Spiral
... A Lentulo spiral is a dental instrument used to properly distribute root canal sealer and cement evenly throughout the root canal system, as when performing endodontic therapy or a post and core cementation ... less problematic than the possibility of the spiral breaking inside the root canal ... is generally used to refer to any of the various brands of root canal sealer and cement distributing spirals ...

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