Romani Language

Romani Language

Romani (also Romany, Gypsy, or Gipsy; Romani: romani ćhib) is any of several languages of the Romani people belonging to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. Many varieties of Romani are divergent and sometimes considered languages of their own. The largest of these are Vlax Romani (about 900,000 speakers), Balkan Romani (700,000), Carpathian Romani (500,000) and Sinti Romani (300,000). Some Romani communities speak mixed languages based on the surrounding language with retained Romani-derived vocabulary – these are known by linguists are Para-Romani varieties, rather than dialects of the Romani language itself.

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Romani Language - Romani Loanwords in English
... Romani has lent several words to English such as lollipop, gibberish, pal (ultimately from Sanskrit bhrātar "brother") or nark "informant" (from Romani nāk ... Other Romani words in general slang are gadgie (man), shiv or chiv (knife) ... Urban British slang shows an increasing level of Romani influence, with some words becoming accepted into the lexicon of standard English (for example, chav from an assumed Anglo-Romani word, meaning "small boy ...
Fictional Representations Of Romani People - Literature
... beauty in the brow of Egypt", Egypt is used to refer to the Romani people of England ... is thought to be named after the word Kaliban meaning black or with blackness in the English Romani language ... As the first Romani immigrants arrived in England a century before Shakespeare wrote The Tempest, it is thought he may have been influenced by their exotic looks ...
Languages Of Scotland - Other
... The Romani language (Indo-Aryan) has also been spoken in Scotland, but became more or less extinct in the country during the 20th century ... It has lent Scotland's other languages a number of loanwords, and has also had an effect on the Gaelic of the travelling community ... numbers of Roma migrants has seen the Romani language return to Scotland ...
Angloromani Language
... Angloromani or Anglo-Romani (literally "English Romani", or Pogadi Chib) is a language combining aspects of English and Romani, which is a language spoken by the Romani people an ethnic group ... The language combines a mix of Romani and English ... The original Romani language was spoken in England until the late nineteenth century perhaps a generation longer in Wales ...

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