Romanesque may refer to:

  • Romanesque art, the art of Western Europe from approximately AD 1000 to the 13th century or later
  • Romanesque architecture, architecture of Europe which emerged in the late 10th century and lasted to the 13th century
  • First Romanesque, or Lombard Romanesque architectural style
  • Pre-Romanesque, a term used for the early phase of the style
  • Romanesque Revival architecture, an architectural style which started in the late 19th century, inspired by the original Romanesque architecture


  • "Romanesque" (song), single by Japanese pop duo FictionJunction Yuuka
  • Romanesque (EP), EP by Japanese rock band Buck-Tick

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... All of the buildings are essentially Neo-Romanesque in character, and are constructed of dark red brick trimmed with Indiana limestone ... The church is in the Italian Romanesque style, with Byzantine and Art Deco influences ... The entrance is through a triple arched, two-story Romanesque arcaded portico ...
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... Brick Romanesque (German Backsteinromanik) is an architectural style and chronological phase of architectural history ... The term described Romanesque buildings built of brick like the subsequent Brick Gothic, it is geographically limited to Northern Germany and the ... in other regions are not described as Brick Romanesque but as "Romanesque brick-built church" or similar terms ...