Roller Coaster Elements

Roller coasters are composed of various elements, the individual parts of the design and operation, such as a track, hill, loop, turn, etc. Variations in normal track movement that add thrill or excitement to the ride are often called "thrill elements."

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Conneaut Lake Park - Partial Historical Timeline
1892 Exposition Park opens 1902 Figure Eight roller coaster opens 1903 Hotel Conneaut opens 1908 A large portion of the midway, many hotels, a bowling alley and the park's ballroom are destroyed in a fire 1909. 1925 Temple of Music opens 1935 Beach Club bar opens 1936 Figure Eight roller coaster closes 1937 Scenic Railway roller coaster closes 1938 Blue Streak roller coaster opens 1943 Fire destroys half of ... Wild Mouse roller coaster opens ...
K'Nex Pieces - Other Pieces
... unique motor which drives lightweight vehicles Roller coaster pieces Special track pieces called track connectors are used for the construction of the newer roller coasters ... in purple, red, light red, blue, and yellow colors Boosters Found in Rippin' Rocket Roller Coaster and the new K'nex Lava Launch Coaster Propels the car forward via two black, rotating ...
Thorpe Park - Timeline
1996 X No Way Out, the world's first dark backwards roller coaster, opened. 2002 Colossus, an Intamin roller coaster with a record-breaking 10 inversions, opened. 2003 Nemesis Inferno, a Bolliger Mabillard inverted roller coaster themed around a tropical volcano, opened ...
Son Of Beast - History
... The Roller Coaster Corporation of America discussed the idea of a building the world's first wooden hypercoaster with Kings Island in 1997 ... the box was revealed to the audience along with a model of the roller coaster and a list of seven world records that would be broken when it came into operation ... On July 27, 2012, following a thorough evaluation of the roller coaster, Kings Island announced that Son of Beast will be removed from the park to make room ...

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