Robert Mac Lean - December 2009 Christmas "underwear Bomber" Attack Brings Déjà Vu To TSA's 2003 Security Lapses

December 2009 Christmas "underwear Bomber" Attack Brings Déjà Vu To TSA's 2003 Security Lapses

In July 2003, MacLean was a federal air marshal in good standing, part of the thin blue line sent to the skies in the wake of 9/11. He had been called into his Las Vegas field office for a chilling, unprecedented, face-to-face emergency threat briefing: An al-Qaida suicide plan would exploit airport security loopholes abroad by allowing terrorists to fly from countries with less-stringent screening (such as, say, Nigeria) to airports in Europe (such as, say, Amsterdam), where they would escape further security screening. Thus armed with weapons/explosives, the terrorists would catch connecting flights to their final destinations in the states or Europe -- and exact their bloody revenge.

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