Robert Ivie

Robert Ivie (b. July 29, 1945, in Medford, Oregon) obtained a Ph.D. in rhetoric and communication in 1972 from Washington State University. He taught at Gonzaga University from 1972-1974, at Idaho State University from 1974-1975, at Washington State University from 1975-1986 (where he was briefly chair of the communication department in 1983) and at Texas A&M University from 1986-1993. In 1993, he came to Indiana University where he is a professor of Rhetoric and Public Culture in the Department of Communication and Culture at Indiana University.

Both Ivie’s research and his teaching themes are concentrated on “rhetoric as a mode of political critique and cultural production, with particular emphasis on democracy and the problem of war” (“Robert L. Ivie”). He teaches both undergraduate and graduate rhetoric classes. His undergraduate classes include those which focus on “democratic persuasion” (“Robert L. Ivie”). His graduate classes include such titles as, “Productive Criticism of Political Rhetoric,” “Rhetorical Theories of Cultural Production,” and “Rhetorical Critiques of War” (“Robert L. Ivie”).

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