Risk Register - Example Risk Register in Table Format

Example Risk Register in Table Format

Risk Register for project "birthday party"

Risk Category Risk Name Risk Number Probability (1-3) Impact (1-3) Risk Score Mitigation Contingency Action By Action When
Guests The guests find the party boring 1.1. 2 2 4 Invite crazy friends, provide sufficient liquor Bring out the karaoke Mack within 2hrs
Guests Drunken brawl 1.2. 1 3 3 Don’t invite crazy friends, don't provide too much liquor Call 911 Jerry Now
Nature Rain 2.1. 2 2 4 Have the party indoors Move the party indoors Milind 10mins
Nature Earthquake or fire 2.2. 1 3 3 Start the party with instructions on what to do in the event of fire or earthquake Implement the appropriate natural disaster response plan Everyone As per plan
Food Not enough food 3.1. 1 2 2 Have a buffet Order pizza Magua 30mins
Food Food is spoiled 3.2. 1 3 3 Store the food in deep freezer Order pizza Matthew Susi 30mins

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