Rifle Grenade

A rifle grenade is a grenade that uses a rifle-based launcher to permit a longer effective range than would be possible if the grenade was thrown by hand. The practice of projecting grenades with rifle-mounted launchers was first widely used during World War I and continues to the present, with the term "rifle grenade" now encompassing many different types of payloads including high explosive, fragmentation, and anti-tank warheads as well as concussion, smoke, incendiary, and flare missiles. Many armies have replaced rifle grenades with dedicated grenade launchers - often attached as an auxiliary weapon on a rifle.

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Karabiner 98k - Design Details - Accessories - Rifle Grenade Launcher
... In 1942, an attachable rifle grenade launcher called the Gewehrgranatengerät or Schiessbecher ("shooting cup") was introduced that was developed based on rifle grenade launcher models designed during ... The 30 mm Schiessbecher cup-type rifle grenade launcher could be mounted on any Karabiner 98k and was intended to replace all previous rifle grenade launcher models ... The rifle grenade launcher could be used against infantry, fortifications and light armored vehicles up to a range of 280 m (306 yd) ...
Rifle Grenade - Legal Issues
... In almost all countries, grenades are illegal for civilian ownership ... In the United States, rifle grenades containing explosive material are covered under the National Firearms Act as "destructive devices" ... Inert rifle grenades are not federally regulated, nor are rifle grenade launching attachments and devices ...
Comparison Of The AK-47 And M16 - Comparison of Characteristics - Firepower
... rounds per minute (about the same as a bolt-action rifle) ... All current M16 type rifles are capable of launching NATO STANAG type 22mm rifle grenades from their integral flash hiders without the use of an adapter ... These 22mm rifle grenade types range from powerful anti-tank rounds to simple finned tubes with a fragmentation hand grenade attached to the end ...
Type 91 Grenade - Design
... The design of the Type 91 grenade was almost identical to the earlier Type 10 ... propellant canister for use in a grenade launcher, or a finned tail assembly for use as a rifle grenade, fired from a spigot-type launcher ... The grenade incorporated a 7-8 second delay before detonation ...
RGD-5 - Rifle Grenade
... The AK-47 can mount a (rarely used) cup-type grenade-launcher that fires standard Soviet RGD-5 hand-grenades ... To fire, insert a standard RGD-5 hand-grenade into the launcher and then remove the safety pin ... Then, insert a special blank cartridge into the rifles chamber ...

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    Good manners, Madam, are had these days not
    For your asking, nor mine, nor what-we-used-to-be’s.
    The day is a loud grenade that bursts a smile
    Of serious weeds in a comic lily plot....
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    Many times man lives and dies
    Betweeen his two eternities,
    That of race and that of soul,
    And ancient Ireland knew it all.
    Whether man die in his bed
    Or the rifle knocks him dead,
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)